75 minutes, 2019
Director : Molly STUART (USA)
Production : Buried Seed Productions (USA)

Like all young Israelis, Atalya has to do military service.
Unlike most of her comrades, though, she questions the army’s methods in her country and is determined to challenge this rite of passage.
Despite political disagreements and her family’s concerns, she refused military service and was sent to prison for her belief. Her courage inspires those around her to reconsider their own political positions and use their power to help mentalities change.
“Objector” follows Atalya into prison and beyond, offering a look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of a young woman who seeks the truth and stands for justice.

Molly STUART is a director, producer and film editor based in the San Francisco Bay area. She studied film at San Francisco State University.
Her films have won several awards.

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