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TWO AT THE BORDER 30 minutes, 2013 Réalisation : Tuna KAPTAN (Allemagne, Turquie) et Felicitas SONVILLA (Autriche) Production : HFF University of Television and Film Munich (Allemagne) ___ Two young men, a Syrian and a Palestinian, secretly smuggle refugees into Europe. Based in the Turkish city of Edirne, they help illegal immigrants move across to …

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L’ESCALE 100 minutes, 2013 Direction : Kaveh BAKHTIARI (Switzerland, Iran) Production : Louise Productions (Switzerland), Kaléo Films (France), Radio Télévision Suisse (Switzerland) ___ In Athens, the modest flat of Amir, an Iranian immigrant, has become a transit point for migrants who, like him, have chosen to leave their country. But Greece is only a stepping …

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