Call for documentaries and reportages for the 25th edition of PriMed. The registrations are open until April 15th, 2021. Registrations for PriMed 2021 is free.

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To register your film, you must fill out the application form available online.

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How the event is organised

The competition has three phases:
– February 2021 : call for films, registrations of films for PriMed 2021
– Deadline for registrations and sending films: 15th April 2021
– May / June 2021 : choice of the films in competition by an international Selection Committee, or by CMCA team if the pandemic persists
– November / December 2021, finals of PriMed : the International Jury watches the films and decides the winners; meetings of Mediterranean Young People Jury; public screenings and meetings; awards ceremony

CMCA is the main organizer of PriMed.