52 minutes, 2013
Direction : Sofia AMARA (France, Morocco) and Bruno JOUCLA (France)
Production : Magnéto Presse (France)


“The Renegade” is about an exceptional life. Recruited by the Hezbollah as a child soldier when he was 13, Rami Ollaik rose through the ranks to reach the very top of the organization. When he discovered a more liberal Lebanon, offering all sorts of new horizons, he moved to the United States, the country of the enemy, to complete his university education. Back in Lebanon, considered a traitor, Ollaik decided to write about his experiences at the heart of the Hezbollah. His book caused a sensation. Defying death threats, Ollaik had the courage to re-think all his beliefs. Now he wants to reconcile himself with his past and prepare for the future.


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