70 minutes, 2018
Director : Dalit KIMOR (Israel)
Production : Dalit KIMOR, Yes Docu (Israel)

Two Orthodox Jewish women refuse to keep quiet about the paedophilia in their communities. They pay a heavy price.Unintentionally Ornit became a heroine overnight. She and her children, Yankie and Mandy, sued the rabbi who had sexually assaulted them — and went through a horrible court case. They also had to deal with the violence of their neighbours who defended the rabbi. They were treated like informers.
Genendy is married and has three children. Eighteen years ago she accused her father, also a well-known rabbi, of raping her when she was a teenager. Since then her family has rejected her. Both are assisted by Shana, an ultra-orthodox 29-year-old who works for an international Jewish organization. These two victims became role-models for other Orthodox Jews trying to combat the sexual assaults in their community.

Dalit KIMOR has a degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Jerusalem, and in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University.
She has written and directed several documentaries: “Border Land” (2000) won the First Prize in the Investigative Reportage category at the DocAviv Festival. She then directed the documentaries “Baby on Order” (2000), “Just Love and a Hug” (2002), “The Year of my Death” (2005), “Pickles” (2006 – selected at the 2007 PriMed) and “Ida’s Dance Club” (2009).