(Vitoria, March 1976)

21 minutes, 2019
Director : Luis E. HERRERO (Spain)
Production : Hanoi Films (Spain), Aved Producciones (Spain)

At the beginning of 1976 Spain was caught in a spiral of conflict. Following Franco’s death the fragile political situation was aggravated by the impact of the crisis, pushing the government into a corner. In Vitoria, workers’ assemblies called for a strike on March 3rd. A tragedy loomed which would mark Spain’s transition towards democracy.

Born in Madrid in 1976, Luis E. HERRERO is a historian, film-maker and cultural researcher. His work in the field of research and the dissemination of culture has led him to collaborate with various institutions and to produce several publications on history, art and cinema. Within the Hanoi Films production company specializing in documentary cinema, he has directed and produced historical documentaries: “El Entusiasmo” (2018, 80 minutes) and “Vitoria, mars 1976” (2019, 22 minutes).

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