A Mansourah, tu nous as separes (c) les films du bilboquet_hke.png


68 minutes, 2019
Director : Dorothée-Myriam KELLOU (Algeria, France)
Production : Les Films du Bilboquet (France), HKE Production (Algeria), Lyon Capitale TV (France), Sonntag Pictures (Danemark)

During the Algerian War of Independence (1954-62) more than two million people were displaced by the French Army in its fight against the FLN. Forced to abandon their homes, they were regrouped in camps. Now back in Mansourah where he was born, Malek and his daughter Dorothée-Myriam compile oral memories of a time until now never mentioned, which most young people know nothing about, although the upheavals it caused to this part of rural Algeria are unprecedented.

Dorothée-Myriam KELLOU is a journalist and director based in Paris.
In Le Monde newspaper she revealed Lafarge’s indirect financing the Islamic State during the war in Syria. Her work was awarded the Trace International Prize for Journalistic Investigation in Washington DC. She has also been nominated for the Samir Kassir Prize for Press Freedom in the Arab World in Beirut and the Albert London Prize for Written Press in Paris.

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