83 minutes, 2019
Réalisation : Emanuele GEROSA (Italy)
Production : GraffitiDoc (Italy), Amka Films Productions (Swiss), ITAR Productions (Libanon), Rai Cinema (Italy)

Abdallah, a parkour professional athlete, managed to escape from Gaza.
His friend Jehad, however, still lives there. He trains young athletes for whom sport remains the only thing tinged with hope in the midst of the conflict. Should you leave to fulfil your dreams, or stay to fight for your country?
A question which hangs over this moving story about personal growth.

Emanuele GEROSA was born in 1975 in Rovereto, Italy. He studied contemporary history at the University of Bologna, Italy, before moving to Spain where he worked as a director and writer of documentaries, TV series and commercials. Back in his own country, in Milan, he decided to specialise in making documentaries. In 2015 he directed his first feature-length documentary, “Between Sisters”. It has been presented in numerous international festivals and has received several awards in Italy, Egypt, Spain and France.

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