(In the Service of the Sea)

52 minutes, 2021
Director : Jérôme et Caroline ESPLA (France)
Production : Via Découvertes Films (France), 13 Productions (France), France Télévisions

The film is a journey to meet people committed to protecting the Mediterranean.
From the Italian border via Corsica to Toulon, in groups or alone, women and men, young and old, employees or volunteers, they are all committed to taking concrete action. They are guardian angels, they are protectors, they are healers, they are whistleblowers, they are educators, they are inventors, they are lovers of nature and its biodiversity. They are all at the service of the sea.

Passionate about the marine world, Jérôme ESPLA began working as an underwater camera operator in 1998 and then moved on to directing documentaries. He has directed more than thirty, most of them on this theme, including “Génération Grand Bleu” shot with Jean-Marc Barr on the 30th anniversary of the cult film “Le Grand Bleu”. His documentary “Mediterranean”, produced in 2018, is an ode to marine life, combining an animal documentary with a poetic narration.

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