17 minutes, 2020
Director : Séverine SAJOUS (France) et Anna SURINYACH (Spain)
Production : Revista 5W (Spain)

#boza is a film about the women and men who journey from the African continent hoping to reach Europe. Told in the first person, using selfies and their own amateur videos, Alhassane, Aminata, Mamadou, Mariam and Yahya describe their journey with its infamous goal: “to do their boza”. “Boza,” a disputed word, used by those attempting the crossing to describe the journey and, once safe and sound on the other side, to celebrate it. #boza removes the filters, and becomes a collective selfie of migration.

Séverine SAJOUS is a French photographer and film-maker with a degree in linguistics. Deeply interested in the human condition and migration issues, she collaborates with her subjects, allowing them to express themselves and develop their own artistic capacities. Since 2016 she has been working on a trilogy of short films inspired by the shared vocabulary invented to redefine the act of migrating and communicate the migrants’ collective experience. Her first short film “Password: Fajara” won awards at various festivals. Her second, #boza, received the 2019 devReporter grant.

Anna SURINYACH is a documentary photographer and photo editor for the international news magazine 5W. Her work has focused on documenting population movements around the world. She has photographed the situation of migrants in countries such as Southern Sudan, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Yemen and Syria. She has also documented migration routes from Central America to the United States and from Africa and the Middle East to Europe. In recent years she has focused on the situation of women who leave their homes to flee violence, poverty and lack of opportunity.


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