70 minutes, 2018
Director : Francesco PATIERNO (Italy)
Production : Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien, Rai Cinema, Rai Teche (Italy)

The rise of the Camorra in Naples shaped the evolution of the city. From smuggling in its early days to the powerful organized clans of today, the Camorra has developed its own para-military power. Through the use of archival footage and news bulletins, “Camorra” shows the true face of one of the Mafia’s most powerful organizations.

Francesco PATIERNO was born in Naples in 1964. He is director, scriptwriter and author. Having studied architecture, he became creative director at an advertising agency. He then directed many TV shows.
He has made several films, including: “Pater Familias” (2002), “Il mattino ha l’oro in bocca” (2007), the television series “Donne assassine” (2008), “Cose dell’altro mondo” (2011), “La gente che sta bene” (2014), “Naples ’44” (2016), “Diva!” (2017).