58 minutes, 2016
Réalisation : Blandine DELCROIX (France)
Production : French Connection Films (France)

“Je danserai malgré tout!” is about dance and the body. It’s about freedom. Our guides are Bahri, Sandra, Selma and Ahmed.
Everyone is determined to express the values ​​of freedom and independence as they encourage bodies to open up to dance. Their commitment is to provide the tools to build an open and critical Tunisia where everyone has a place. Where each body can feel free to express itself.
Speech has no place before the dancing bodies. Choreographic moments of suspended time, during which bodies free themselves from constraints. Say No to obscurantism.

Trained at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Grenoble and holding several post-graduate diplomas in social sciences (urban planning, cultural development, psychoanalysis), Blandine DELCROIX began her professional life in institutional culture before turning to producing live shows.
She has spent more than 15 years conceiving and developing creations, residencies and artistic events in the field of dance, music and theatre in Europe.
At the same time, she has a classical musical training which she still practises, as well as her writing: screenplays for dramas, short films and short stories.
She is currently in Tunisia co-writing her first feature-length fiction film.
In 2009, she went to Cairo to take part in a course in contemporary dance. It was the beginning of a long adventure which continues today with this documentary film, a coming-together of her many experiences.