83 minutes, 2016
Director : Steve DELLA CASA et Chiara RONCHINI (Italie)
Production : Istituto Luce Cinecittà srl (Italie)

In post-war Italy, during the economic miracle, cinema continued to be the favourite leisure-time activity of Italians, as well as a truthful mirror of the changes taking place in the country.
Musical films, starring singers of the younger generation, show us this Italy in full transformation.
Born in 1953 in Turin, Steve DELLA CASA is an Italian film critic and artistic director of several festivals. He has also made some documentaries (“Perché sono un Genio! Le Tante Vite di Lorenza Mazzetti” 2016; “Flaiano: il Meglio è Passato”, 2010) and played minor roles in a few films.

Chiara RONCHINI was born outside Rome. She has worked in international co-operation, photography, design and documentary films, between Rome, Pristina and Barcelona. Currently she is a film editor and works in post-production. “Nessuno ci può giudicare” is her first documentary as director.