(Terrible Children)

52 minutes, 2021
Director : Ahmet Necdet CUPUR (Turkey, France)
Production : TS Productions (France), Jyoti Film (Germany), Liman Film (Turkey), Al Jazeera Documentary Channel (Qatar) with the participation of France Télévisions

“Les enfants terribles” takes us into the daily life of a Turkish family – the director’s. Young adults fight every day as each tries to assert his or her freedom and independence in the face of a paternal authority rooted in traditional values. Ahmet Necdet Cupur gives us here an intimate portrait of a younger generation desperate to change things. 

Ahmet NECDET CUPUR was born in a village on the Syrian border in Turkey. At thirteen he left home and settled in Antakya. He became a civil engineer and worked in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war then moved to Paris to become a film-maker. He made a short film “Latin Babylon” and then returned to his native village to make “Les enfants terribles”.

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