(A Thousand Nights and One Dawn)

52 minutes, 2020
Director : Nasser BENABDERAHMAN (Morocco)
Production : Bingo Films (Morocco)
In coproduction with 2M (Morocco)

A Thousand Nights and one Dawn offers a poetic look at the life of Morocco’s night watchmen – combining poverty, wisdom and hope. The film shows us these workers’ lives and stories. The night shapes their character, their behaviour – and their vision of the world. A reflection on the time of those nights and space, both prison and escape route to other universes.

Nasser BENABDERAHMAN was born in 1986 in Morocco. Having studied film he began to work in the design and production of various audiovisual projects. In 2016, he directed his first short film, “Occupation”. “A Thousand Nights and a Dawn” is his first documentary.

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