70 minutes, 2016
Director: Inga BREMER (Germany)
Production: Soilfilms, BR Bayerischer Rundfunk, Arte (Germany)

How can a person construct her life when she has been robbed of her identity and her past?
At the death of her adopted father, Alicia discovered she was sold at birth by her biological mother. She appealed to a police forensic expert, Jaume. Armed with samples of the young woman’s DNA, Jaume criss-crossed Spain in the footsteps of other children abducted from republican families during the Franco period – an estimated 30,000 of them, though this figure may well be too low. Traffic in children continued until the 1980’s, and bringing a real fortune to some. A documentary about a sordid state issue, still taboo, and about fighting against the law of silence.

Inga BREMER was born in Germany in 1980.
After travelling abroad, she began her studies at a drama school in Cologne, later joining Baden-Württemberg’s Film Academy, where she became a film-director in 2004.
In 2010 her film “Goodbye Kutti”, was nominated for the German Human Rights award. After a year studying at the International Film School in Cuba, she made “Perfect Girls”, financed by MFG Baden-Württemberg.
Inga is one of four founding members of the production company Soilfilms, through which she produces and directs documentaries, commercials and drama films.