63 minutes, 2016
Director: Neta Shoshani (Israel)
Production: Rotem FARAN (Israel), Artline Films (France)

The film tells the story of an Arab village called Deir Yassin In 1948 it was conquered by the Israelis after a very controversial battle, then in 1951 transformed into a government-run psychiatric hospital.
Today, access to Deir Yassin is forbidden, even to the photos of it indexed in the archives of the Israel Defence Army.
It is a stain on Israel’s past, which no one likes to talk about.
The film presents the history of Deir Yassin from the Israeli point of view – the mass exodus of Arab residents as a result of the occupation, considered now to be the beginning of the Palestinian refugee problem.


Born en 1980 in Jerusalem, Neta SHOSHANI lives and works in Tel-Aviv.
Graduate in visual communication from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem), she has worked as producer and editor in the news department of the Israeli radio network, Army Radio (Galatz).
As a director her film credits include: “House Call” (3 documentaries, 2016), “Handa Handa 4” (2013, 60 minutes) and “Between Her and Him” (2013, 60 minutes).