86 minutes, 2019
Director : Óscar Bernàcer (Spain)
Production : Kaishaku Films S.L. (Spain), Nakamura Films S.L. (Spain)

Enrique was separated from his mother at birth.
Ascensión was forced to give up her daughter after giving birth.
Both are victims of the “stolen babies” policy during Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. They are waging a legal battle while continuing their search. They live with the weight of either guilt or rejection while trying to build their own identity.

Óscar BERNACER is a script-writer and director.
He has made several short films – “Las Zapatillas de Laura”, “Desayuno con Diadema”, “Bikini” and “Apolo 81” – which have been shown on TV and in festivals across the world, where they have won many awards.
In 2016 he made his third documentary “El Hombre que Embotelló el Sol” (The man who bottled the sun).

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