88 minutes, 2020
Directors : Carole Filiu-Mouhali (France) and Ferhat Mouhali (Algeria)
Production : VraiVrai Films (France), Carole Filiu-Mouhali (France) and Ferhat Mouhali (Algeria)

She is French, he Algerian. The whole of their childhood was shaken by the war in Algeria. For the journalist, daughter of French colonials, it means traumatic memories of forced departure; for the director, a human rights activist, it means mythical tales of glorious independence.
Everyone is entitled to their version of history.
Far from the official history books they meet witnesses whose words have been deliberately forgotten, who fight against the war of memories so that a more balanced truth can be heard.

Carole FILIU is the daughter of French colonials from Algiers and Tiaret.
Having graduated from the Bordeaux School of Journalism in 2009, she worked first for Sud Ouest, a regional newspaper, and then for its website, For two years, she wrote, directed and edited the web-documentary “Fatea (Femmes au travail en Algérie)”: nine portraits of women across Algeria.

Ferhat MOUHALI is Algerian, born in Kabylie.
He obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2005 at the University of Bejaia, a period coloured by his political militancy. He joined the Rassemblement Actions Jeunesse, a national organisation, becoming secretary general of the Bejaia section.
At the same time he followed a theatre training course for two years.
In 2010 he took part in the Bejaia Doc training scheme, created by the documentary film-maker Habiba Djahnine. There he made his first short documentary, “Heureusement que le temps passe”, about the decline of the Algerian hospital system. In 2012 this film won the Jury Award at the National Amazigh Film Festival in Tizi Ouzou and in 2013 the Audience Coup de Cœur at the Paris festival Point Doc.
During the Femis summer school in Paris in 2012 he made a short “Des vies sous silence” where he questions the part played by the French in the liberation of Algeria. He worked with Carole Filiu on the making and editing of the web-documentary “Fatea (Femmes au travail en Algérie)”.

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