Multimedia Award: Opening of internet votes from November 18…

Multimedia Award: Opening of internet votes from November 18 to December 5, 2011.
Vote for the best web-documentary!
The PriMed opens the competition to multimedia projects! A new award is added for the 16th edition :  The Multimedia Award about the Mediterranean, sponsored by Orange. For the first time, users can vote and support one of five nominated web-documentary. The result will be announced at the Awards Ceremony  December 9, 2011.


Enter in the web-documentary page (click here) and discover the five multimedia projects.
– Leave a comment in the form that you find at the bottom of the page. In the “Message”, you can explicitly justify your choice or simply declare your preference by writing “I vote for [title of web document].”
– To ensure that your choice is validated, you must register with your name and your E-Mail.

A web-documentary is a documentary designed and constructed specifically for the web, using photos, text, sounds, videos, with an interactive instruments. The POM (Little Work Multimedia) is a realization that combines photographer, filmmaker, web designer, sound designer and illustrator.

The formats of modern communication related to the Internet offer a new perspective on current events in the Mediterranean. The PriMed wants  to give more visibility to these web-documentaries that present themselves increasingly on the screens of Internet users worldwide.


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