75 minutes, 2020
Director : Mahmoud JEMNI (Tunisia)
Production : Klil Productions (Tunisia), Baburka Production (Italy), Play Production (Tunisia)

“Non.Oui” is about a young black graduate, originally from Gabes in south-eastern Tunisia, who returns to her homeland determined to use her communication skills to help her own people. But her many contacts open her eyes to discriminatory attitudes which run counter to the religious precepts and political choices of her country. “Non.Oui” also follows other protagonists of different age-groups, generations and social backgrounds, including an elected representative, someone from an association, a sociologist and a psychiatrist. The documentary deals with the issue of racism on historical, geographic, economic, cultural, psychological and social levels. An indictment against racism, through the eyes of strong, moving characters.

Mahmoud JEMNI was René Vautier’s assistant on the documentaries “Avoir vingt ans dans les Aurès” (1972) and “La folle de Toujane” (1974). He has made three short films with 11 or 12 year-olds. He has also produced and mentored short films made by adolescents. He is a film critic, author of the book “Quarante ans de cinéma tunisien : regards croisés”. in 2015 he created and is president of the Gabes Film Festival. His credits include the documentaries “Coloquinte” (2012), “Warda, la passion de la vie” (2015) and “Non.Oui” (2020).

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