BABEL@Olivier Chambon


57 minutes, 2019
Director : Dominique FISCHBACH (France)
Production : Elda Productions (France), with the participation of France Télévisions (France)

Seven 6th form students from the Paris district of Porte de La Chapelle are preparing an adaptation of Aeschylus’ tragedy “The Suppliants”. A 2,500-year-old work whose main themes are migration, the place of women and democracy. A film echoing current issues about migration and integration seen by a group of self-assured, happy, uninhibited teenagers.

Dominique Fischbach grew up in Morocco. She has written and directed some thirty films in direct cinema, personal documentaries for France Télévisions, Arte and RTBF in the well-known collection “Strip-Tease”. Generous and sensitive in her ways of seeing, she explores the major themes of society such as multi-culturalism, women’s emancipation and commitment. Among her best-received films, “Liberté Lili”, the difficult struggle of a woman from Guadeloupe to improve the area she lives in, “L’Avenir en Sursis” showing young delinquents confronted by adults’ justice, and “La Classe de Mer” about the delicate journey from childhood to adolescence.

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