75 minutes, 2020
Director : Angel LEIRO (Spain) et Airy MARAGALL (Spain)
Production : Lukimedia (Spain)
In coproduction with ZDF (Germany)
In collaboration with Arte (Germany, France)

Spanish war photographer Gervasio Sánchez documented the siege of Sarajevo in the 1990’s. Images of barricaded streets, walls riddled with bullet holes, burnt cars, and in the midst of it all, people continuing to go about their daily lives while fighting or mourning their dead. Children are often at the centre of these photographs, playing among the ruins. Gervasio has kept in touch with some of them and met them again for the first time in Sarajevo 25 years after the end of the siege. Some are amazed when they see his photographs because they don’t have pictures from that time. Hard hit by the war, these people look back at their childhood with nostalgia and affection.

Angel Leiro has been a television and film director for over thirty years. He started working at Televisión Española, and in 1984 joined Televisió de Catalunya. His feature-length documentary “Portraits of the soul” is about photojournalist Sandra Balsells returning to the Balkans to see the people she photographed during the war there.

Airy Maragall has a Masters in Screenwriting from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has been working in the audiovisual sector since 1991. She writes screenplays for films, documentaries and television series, as well as for various television programmes in Spain and Argentina. She lived in Sarajevo for ten months in the immediate post-war period.

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