52 minutes, 2011
Director : Frédéric TONOLLI (France)
Production : Sunset Presse (France)



Bosko Bric, a Serb, and Admira Ismic, a Bosnian Muslim, are ready to brave all dangers to be with each other. Only seven kilometres separate them, but in besieged Sarajevo there are no more trams, so they travel there and back on foot, by turns, under the shells and shrapnel. On May 18th 1993 they left the city and, hand in hand set off across the Verbania bridge. No more than a few metres without cover, but they won’t make it. Several bullets hit them. He falls first. She, in a final effort crawls towards the body of her lover. They were 25 years old and been in love with each other for 10 years.


Born in 1959, Frederick TONOLLI has been a cameraman and director for over twenty years. He has filmed and directed numerous documentaries for public television channels and collaborated on programmes such as “Faut pas rêver”, “Thalassa” and “Envoyé spécial”. Many of his documentaries have received awards, including the Prix Albert Londres. Recently he has made the following films: “Les dernières chasses des seigneurs de Béring”, “Le secret des sept soeurs” and “Sarajevo mon amour”.