15 minutes, 2018
Director : Sebastiano Luca INSINGA (Italy)
Production : Jump Cut (Italy)

When the weather is mild in the Mediterranean, boats filled with migrants leave the African and Asian coasts to reach Europe, the “promised land”. One summer night a boat, The Bochra, with more than 130 people on board, landed on a beach in Sicily. All of them quickly disappeared into the night. The boat remained, in limbo between the sea and the land…until the tourists arrived.

Sebastiano Luca INSINGA was born in Catane, Italy, in 1984. Studying literature in Trente, he began to use video and photography as a means of expression. In 2008 he made his first short film “Maledetta primavera“, a compilation of family films made on super8. In 2012 he took part in the Berlinale Talent Campus with his documentary “Nulla è accaduto“, and in 2013 in Film Factory Italia. In 2015 he made his first feature-length documentary “Complimenti per la festa“, followed in 2017 by a short drama “Non gioco più“.