66 minutes, 2021
Director : Albert SOLÉ (Spain)
Production : Minimal Films (Spain), Clack (Spain)

All the men in Sifa’s family were killed during the Srebenica massacre. Later they were all identified in the mass graves, except for her older brother. Now Sifa has to return to her native Bosnia for another funeral. This trip allows her to grasp the situation in this Balkan country 25 years after the end of the war and ask herself: could it happen again?

Born in Bucharest in 1962, Albert SOLÉ worked for many years as a television journalist specializing in social and international subjects for the public channels Tve and Tv3. In 2002 he began to make documentaries for Spanish and international television channels and institutions, such as Tve, Tv3, Canal Cuatro, Arte, Unesco, Expo Zaragoza, and Mexico’s Canal 22, among others. After a long series of films in this field he made his first cinema documentary in 2007: Bucarest, Memoria Perdida, which won the 2009 Goya Award for Best Documentary plus several others, including the Mediterranean Memory Award at the 2009 PriMed. His documentaries have been broadcast on television around the world and selected to participate in numerous national and international festivals.

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