The PriMed’s Mediterranean Young people’s award in Palermo

For the second year, the PriMed will be in Palermo with the MEDITERRANEAN YOUNG PEOPLE’S AWARD. This event is organized from 4 October to 14 November 2019 by the CMCA, RAI Italian Public Television, with the cooperation of CSC (Experimental Center of Cinematography) in Palermo.

palerme primed 2019

A hundred high school students will have the privilege of participating to the MEDITERRANEAN YOUNG PEOPLE’S AWARD, by becoming jurors of the festival.
After viewing the three documentaries selected by the CMCA, the students from Palermo will meet on November 8 at the RAI headquarters, to debate the films and vote for the best of these three works.

Their votes will be validated, as those of other high school students in the Mediterranean, to reward a director at the award ceremony to be held on 29 November in Marseille.

Here the schedule of the events (developped by Maria Du Bessé Rai international relations) :

October 4th – Headquarters of the CSC, National School of Cinema
Masterclass for teachers, led by Gianna Maria CAPPELLO (professor) and Piero LI DONNI (director).

October 7th – Rai headquarters (Palermo)
Masterclass for high school students about documentary cinema.

November 8th – Rai headquarters (Palermo)
Masterclass for high school students and meeting with RAI professionals :
Nicola CALIGIORE (International Relations) and Fabio MANCINI, (Commissioning Editor of DOC3).

After the masterclass the high school students will vote.

11 – 12 – 13 November > Headquarters of the Rai Sicilia in Palermo
Rai Porte Aperte : didactic tours of the Tv station for teachers and students, where a place of honor will be given to the Mediterranean and PriMed. For the occasion, the three films selected in the category Mediterranean Youth Awards will be screened.

November 14> CSC National School of Cinema
On November 14 at the headquarters of the Experimental Cinema Center (CSC) in Palermo, students will be gathered for a final debate about the screening of the documentary “Minor’s hope” in the presence of director Mohamed KENAWI.


Rai Sicilia – Ville de Palerme – CSC