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75 minutes, 2021
Director: Tiha K. GUDAC (Croatia)
Production: Off World (Belgium), Kinoteka (Croatia), URGH!(Slovenia), RELATION04 MEDIA (Norway), IN SCRIPT (Lithuania)

By building an iron fence across the beautiful region of Kupa, Slovenia has made Croatia a sort of buffer against the influx of refugees from Bosnia trying to reach Europe. This fence has changed the local people’s way of life. The region has become an arena where, in times of crisis, all human nature’s different faces can be seen. And where the local population must find a way to cope with this situation in order to survive.

Tiha K. GUDAC is a Croatian film-maker. She is a director, scriptwriter and producer. She holds a Masters in Film Arts and also in Commercial Marketing. Her first film, “Naked Island” (2014), won several awards at international festivals and has been distributed in cinemas, on television and as a teaching tool. Recently she has made, written and co-produced three series of television documentaries for Croatia’s public broadcaster HRT. She is a member of the Director’s Guild of Croatia, Croatian Film-maker Association and Croatian Independent Artists Association.

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