52 minutes, 2020
Director : Erol ILERI LLORDELLA (Spain)
Production : Cultura i Conflicte (Spain), Bonobo Films (Spain)
With the collaboration of TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)

Lejla Damon is a 25-year-old woman full of life. She grew up in a middle class family in London. Her parents, journalists, covered the Bosnian War for Sky News. In December 1992, while filming in a bombed Sarajevo hospital, they saw a woman trying to drown her newborn baby. Conceived through rape, the child was considered the seed of the enemy.
During the Balkan War, between 25,000 and 50,000 women were victims of sexual violence. There’s no official figure because many victims either didn’t survive or still live in silence.
Lejla, Alen, Ajna were born as a result of war rape. 25 years later they join other survivors in their struggle to break the silence and overcome stigma. For these victims, has the war ever ended?

Erol ILERI LLORDELLA graduated in music production from the Amsterdam School of Audio Engineering. He is a senior technician in audiovisual productions and stage shows, and was in charge of the audiovisual content for the NGO Agermanament. He combines the work of audiovisual producer and music producer in the Bonobo Films Cooperative, where he has been producing audiovisual content for the past five years in advertising, theatre, social reporting and documentaries.

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