61 minutes, 2019
Director : Andrea LODOVICHETTI (Italy)
Production : Lobecafilm (Italy)

A tradition shared for generations, respect for the sea, human fear and its challenges, survive to eat and trade. Nothing is created, nothing destroyed, everything is transformed.
Ports in small towns, like Fano, are different. Over the years they have changed, often profoundly. But they remain rich, rich with a varied, indefatigable humanity, and with a multi-ethnic wealth. The atmosphere surrounding today’s maritime world has remained almost unchanged and flourishes proudly in the large and small towns which live off the sea. Traditions won’t die, neither will those gravelly voices and broad accents of the “oldies” with whom we grew up. They’re still working today with the same determination as in the past.

Since 2013 Andrea LODOVICHETTI, graduate in film directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, has lived between Europe and the United States. Director, screenwriter and producer, he was assistant to Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino for the films “l’Amico di famiglia” and “ll Divo”. From 2002 to today, Andrea’s films have received more than 50 awards and special mentions, including the Italian Golden Globe and the Looking for Genius Award (Babelgum Film Fest) at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

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