inscritptions closes

Registrations for PriMed 2019 are closed

This year we recieved a very important number of films. We thank you for your trust. The selection board is at work and the list of selected films will be announced by mid-June.

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How the event is organised

The competition has three phases:
– January 2019 / April : call for films – Deadline for registering and sending films
– May / June 2019 : an international Selection Committee chooses the films which will be shown in the finals
-November / December 2019, finals of PriMed : the International Jury watches the films and decides the winners; meetings of Mediterranean Young People Jury; public screenings and meetings; awards ceremony.

Six Awards are given to the films in competition:
Grand Prix “Mediterranean Challenges
“This prize is given to the best film (documentary or reportage) on a current Mediterranean subject, lasting more than 30 minutes. It picks out productions which improve our understanding of the present situation in the Mediterranean and rewards a director’s skill at questioning events and putting them into perspective, as well as his capacity to listen to the principal characters.
“Mediterranean Memories” Award
This prize rewards the documentary lasting more than 30 minutes, which – with or without archives – most successfully places in a present-day context historical events concerning the Mediterranean, stories of men and women, whether individual or collective, or places of symbolism and memory.”First Documentary Film” AwardThis award recognizes the talent of a film director who made no more than three films. Works produced as part of a school or training can also compete. Running time must exceed 30 minutes.
“Mediterranean Art, Heritage and Cultures”
AwardThis prize rewards the documentary film lasting more than 30 minutes, which highlights the region’s artistic life (music, plastic arts, live theatre, visual arts), its heritage (sites, monuments, works of art, archaeology, architecture) and other instances of Mediterranean culture (folklore and traditions).Mediterranean Young People AwardThis award is given by a jury of schoolboys from Sud Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region and from Euro-Mediterranean countries. It rewards one of the films chosen between a selection made by CMCA. “Mediterranean Short Doc” Award – Audience Award
This award is for a documentary or a reportage – lasting less than 30 minutes – whose subject is about Mediterranean area.
These awards are for the directors and authors of the work concerned.
Broadcasting Awards
In addition, broadcasting awards may be given by representatives of the television companies and are entirely at their discretion. They will be chosen from amongst any of the films in the final selection. The broadcast of any work thus rewarded has to be agreed individually between the broadcaster and the makers of the film. The same film cannot win more than two awards (except for the broadcasting award)

Selection Committee and International Jury.
The Selection Committee and the International Jury are made up of cinema and TV professionals (directors, producers, distributors), as well as specialists of the Mediterranean area.Their decisions are final. The Selection Committee is entitled to change a film from one category to another one. In any given year, a member of the Selection Committee cannot also sit on the International Jury.The decisions of the International Jury must be reached by a majority of members. If by the third vote a majority has not been reached, the president has the casting vote. The Jury cannot attribute ex aequo awards.

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Le CMCA organizes PriMed in collaboration with France Télévisions, Rai andASBU.