61 minutes, 2019
Directors : Collectif Cinemakhia (France, Greece)
Production : Les Batelières Productions (France)

Cape Korakas, in Lesbos, faces Turkey. Every day, thousands of migrants arrive on the beach there and walk to the village of Kleio, the first leg of their European journey. Whether rejecting them or identifying with them, the arrival of “those from the other side” disrupts the village and its inhabitants, whose ancestors, themselves refugees, also arrived by sea from “the other side”. Past and present intersect, giving rise to amazing mirror games.

CINEMAKHIA is a collective of eight film makers, Greek and French, wanting to offer a different way of seeing people in exile and to do this work collectively. The word Cinemakhia, a composite of the Greek words “cinema” and “symakhia” (alliance), summarizes the objective they have set for themselves: to show that it is possible to make a film with several people, in a non-hierarchical way, pooling their objectives and skills. Coming from disciplines as diverse as sociology, anthropology, psychology, history and economics, Cinemakhia members do not all belong to the world of documentary film making. This collective energy and plurality of approaches proves that other ways of collaborating exist.

The members of the collective are: Lucia BLEY, Clémence BOITEUX, Marguerite CHADI, Raphaël MARCHOU, Mary MICHA, Eva PANTAZOPOULOU, Eden SHAVIT and Mélissa VASSILAKIS.