71 minutes, 2019
Director : Fatim-Zahra BENCHERKI (Morocco)
Production : Ali n’ Productions, 2M (Morocco)

The makers of “Wa drari” followed the Moroccan rap duo Shayfeen for twelve months. Starting from nothing, Shobee and Small X have managed to impose their outspokenness, uniting millions of young people in a conservative country which keeps them on the margins of society. The film opens as they arrive at a crossroads in their career: either to try their luck in Europe or remain in Morocco, without resources and misunderstood forever.
Through this intimate portrait, Shobee and Small-X show us young people struggling to overcome national stagnation, in a country where dreams die

Born in Casablanca in 1985, graduating with a Master in Industrial Purchasing and Innovation, Fatim-Zahra BENCHERKI changed course in 2015 to work in audiovisual media. She joined the production company Ali n’Productions and is responsible for the group’s content development strategy for television and feature films. In particular, she worked on the release of Nabil Ayouch’s “Much Loved” and “Razzia” and produces mini-documentaries for in the European Union and the think-thank Les Citoyens. In 2016, she launched a subsidiary for the group, a talent incubator, Jawjab, to create digital and web content. She ran the company until 2018. As part of the incubator, she created a programme allowing women’s voices to be heard more easily, and then, as part of that, she produced a web-series which had an international impact, “Marokkiat“. In keeping with her work on gender, she produced the campaign “Because I’m a Man” for UN Women, on the positive masculinities in North Africa. Fatim-Zahra is also the author of the documentary series “Moroccans of the future“, produced by 2M, of which “Wa drari” is one episode.