82 minutes, 2018
Director : Samuel ALARCÓN (Spain)
Production : Tourmalet Films (Spain), Marmitafilms (France), RTVE (Spain), France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine (France)

“Oscuro y Lucientes” is about the death of the Spanish painter, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.
He died in 1828, in self-imposed exile in France, and he was buried in Bordeaux.
No one, neither his family nor anyone else in Spain, claimed his remains. Decades later the Spanish Consul in Bordeaux came across the tomb of the dead artist by chance.
For years he fought for permission to exhume the body and have it returned to Spain. But it was never going to be easy. When finally the tomb was opened, those present were amazed to find Goya’s head was missing…

An extraordinary investigation began to find it.

Samuel ALARCÓN was born in Madrid in 1980. He is a film-maker.
He directs feature-length documentaries, essays and artistic videos. Since 2007 he has also worked with Spanish National Radio and since 2013 has had his own programme: El Cine Viene (Radio 5), a slot for independent and experimental Spanish cinema, in favour of cultural diversity.