82 minutes, 2018
Director : Samuel ALARCÓN (Spain)
Production : Tourmalet Films (Spain), Marmitafilms (France), RTVE (Spain), France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine (France)

The past is buried in a collective memory, under our feet.
This is why we turn the earth, looking for relics and bones. Fragments of ourselves which express who we were, who we are. Where we come from.
You are a major painter whose life is well-known, but whose death, though eventful, is known by few.
I will be thorough with the facts, rigorous with the evidence and cautious with the conclusions to tell the story of your death, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

Samuel ALARCÓN was born in Madrid in 1980. He is a film-maker.
He directs feature-length documentaries, essays and artistic videos. Since 2007 he has also worked with Spanish National Radio and since 2013 has had his own programme: El Cine Viene (Radio 5), a slot for independent and experimental Spanish cinema, in favour of cultural diversity.