59 minutes, 2018
Direction and Production : Ido ZAND and Yael LEIBOVITZ ZAND (Israel)

Is the biblical story of David’s kingdom true? A question which divides the academic world and, as so often in the Holy Land, now involves the world of politics and religion, stirring up much passion. The film tries to provide an answer by making some unexpected discoveries.

Ido ZAND was born in 1976 in Hadera, Israel.
On leaving his film editing school he began working in the television industry. After a few years, he returned to Tel Aviv University to study history and film. He has edited several documentaries and is a director on Israel’s main investigative programme. His films deal with Jewish history and Israeli current affairs.

Yael LEIBOVITZ was born in 1975 in Rehovot, Israel.
Leaving Tel Aviv University, where she trained in cinema, she discovered film editing, working particularly in documentaries, music videos and television programmes. She began writing scripts and making her own films. Through them she frequently explores Jewish history past and present, the world in which she grew up.