26 minutes, 2020
Director and producer : Stefano CONCA BONIZZONI (Italy)

Since the 19th century a small group of Italians have lived in the Crimea at Kerch. They have survived there and now struggle to have their story told.
They were accused of supporting the fascist regime and collaborating with the Germans when the town was occupied. In January 1942 they were deported by Soviet soldiers. The entire community of 2,000 was put in freight trains and taken to the frozen steppes of Kazakhstan.
After Stalin’s death only a few managed to return.

Born in Cremona in 1982, Stefano CONCA BONIZZONI has travelled the world as a film-maker. In 2007 he obtained a diploma in intercultural and multimedia communication at the University of Pavia with a thesis on media activism and social piracy. For several years he worked as a cameraman for Sky Italia and has contributed to numerous television productions. In 2010, he trained in documentary cinema at the European Design Institute. In 2010, he made his first documentary, “La fabbrica di benzina”. In 2011, he took a specialization course in film-making at Fare Cinema, directed by Marco Bellocchio. He currently collaborates with brands and agencies on documentary films and museum installations.

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